Garage Dörrar

Sectional gates are modern gates that are designed and constructed for demanding customers. Those gates are not spacious, therefore it is conveniently to park a car on the driveway just before the gate.

Free parking on the short driveway is possible because of vertical movement of gates frame. It is very important in case that the driveway is located near busy street. The gate takes full advantage of garage space and depth.

Best possible thermal and acoustic isolation is provided by steel panels 40 mm thick, foam isolated with sealed circumference. Heat transfer coefficient for sectional gate UniPro is Uk=1,0W/m2 xK.

Easy service in any weather condition secure remote control steering device. One clic and You are in!

The panel with safe shape are secure to the users. Springs that provide balance to the weight of gates frame, are situated in safe sector- high above the entrance hole. All gates possess in standard equipment security in case springs will brak up. Also gates with movement springs could be equipment with additional in case the line will be broken.


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